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Re: [PATCH 1/2] Test and support all cpp operator types

>>>>> "Sami" == sami wagiaalla <> writes:

Sami> It is weird but it is due to the nature of the symbol tables. The
Sami> first iteration, by make_symbol_overload_list_using, is iteration over
Sami> the blocks' import statements. The Second iteration is actually
Sami> searching for the symbol.

Sami> If we assume that names belonging to namespaces can only be in the
Sami> static scope -since namespace symbols are flattened to the nearest
Sami> parent- then we can separate the qualified and unqualified searches
Sami> and eliminate the nesting of the iterations.

Sami> Please see patch 2/2.


Sami>     2010-05-18  Sami Wagiaalla  <>
Sami>     	* value.h: Created oload_search_type enum.
Sami>     	(find_overload_match): Use oload_search_type enum.
Sami>     	* valops.c (find_overload_match): Support combined member and
Sami>     	non-member search.
Sami>     	* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Calls to
Sami>     	find_overload_match now use oload_search_type enum.
Sami>     	(oload_method_static): Verify index is a proper value.
Sami>     	* valarith.c (value_user_defined_cpp_op): Search for and handle
Sami>     	both member and non-member operators.
Sami>     	(value_user_defined_cpp_op): New function.
Sami>     	(value_user_defined_op): New function.
Sami>     	(value_x_unop): Use value_user_defined_op.
Sami>     	(value_x_binop): Ditto.
Sami>     	* cp-support.c (make_symbol_overload_list_using): Added block
Sami>     	iteration.
Sami>     	Add check for namespace aliases and imported declarations.
>     2010-05-18  Sami Wagiaalla  <>
Sami>     	* gdb.cp/koenig.exp: Test for ADL operators.
Sami>     	* gdb.cp/ Added ADL operators.
Sami>     	* gdb.cp/operator.exp: New test.
Sami>     	* gdb.cp/ New test.

This is ok.  Thanks again.


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