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Re: [RFC] Testsuite: permit simple transformation of gdb_expect code

>>>>> "Pierre" == Pierre Muller <> writes:

Pierre> I thought about it, but I still didn't really
Pierre> understand all the tcl command details:
Pierre>   info exists VAR_NAME
Pierre>   will return 1 if VAR_NAME exists
Pierre> as either a global or a local variable,
Pierre> but it seems that
Pierre>   info proc PROC_NAME
Pierre>    works as a regular expression,

They both work using a glob-like syntax, not regular expressions...

Pierre> and can thus return a list containing both PROC_NAME and
Pierre> PROC_NAME_VERSION_2 procedures ...

... so this happens only if you do "info proc PROC_NAME*".

Pierre>   I am still not very skilled in tcl in general:
Pierre> does 
Pierre>   global VAR;
Pierre>   already create that variable?
Pierre> or does it just say that that name VAR should be looked up
Pierre> in global namespace?

The latter.

Pierre>   I am still so new to tcl that I didn't even 
Pierre> try it out, out of fear that I would not really
Pierre> correctly interpret the results I see!



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