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Re: RFC: partially fix empty DW_OP_piece

>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

We were talking on irc and Jan asked for more information about part of
my plan...

Tom> The other way is to simply remove val_print entirely and make all of
Tom> printing work using values.  I think this is the route I would prefer.

Jan> That could hopefully solve the problem of missing type-associated object
Jan> address for DW_OP_push_object_address for the VLA (variable length arrays)
Jan> patch.

I am curious to know what you need here.

I started by looking briefly at replacing val_print.  This looks pretty
big, though.  So I looked into other solutions.

I wrote a big patch to pass lval_funcs through all the val_print code.
However, it turns out that this is not sufficient: the code has to
handle value_offset() as well, which means either adding another
argument (the offset) or just passing the original value through.

So, currently I am thinking I will go through my existing patch and have
it pass a value instead of lval_funcs.  Of course this means a lot of
redundant info, which is ugly.

There are barriers to removing val_print.  I think the biggest one,
conceptually, is that recursion in val_print means making new values,
which means copying the value contents.  This can be expensive.  (Of
course there are solutions to that, reference counting the value
contents comes to mind.)


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