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Re: [patch] MI: breakpoint "script" is a LIST

>>>>> "Vladimir" == Vladimir Prus <> writes:

Jan> The current code does not comply to any generic MI parser as it
Jan> violates the MI grammar
Jan> ,
Jan> as pointed out by Dodji.

Jan> It may be compliant only to some hacky buggy parsers written
Jan> specifically for each MI command.

Vladimir> That's interesting statement -- are you saying all MI
Vladimir> frontends out there have "hacky buggy parsers"?

I think he is saying that the MI output of gdb, in this case, does not
conform to the MI grammar as given in the manual.  So, if an
implementer tries to write an MI parser relying strictly on the
grammar, it will not work in this case.  From one point of view this
means having a hacky parser...

Vladimir> This breakage is relatively new ;-)
Vladimir> Date: Sat May 12 04:08:24 2001 +0000

Yuck.  I guess options for fixing this are pretty limited.

How about documenting, in the "GDB/MI Output Syntax" node, that
sometimes lists are formatted like tuples?  That may, at least,
prevent future MI implementers from having to rediscover this problem
on their own.


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