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elfutils 0.153 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

* NEWS *

Version 0.153

libdw: Support reading .zdebug_* DWARF sections compressed via zlib.

libdwfl: Speed up dwfl_module_addrsym.

nm: Support C++ demangling.

ar: Support D modifier for "deterministic output" with no uid/gid/mtime info.
    The U modifier is the inverse.
    elfutils can be configured with the --enable-deterministic-archives
    option to make the D behavior the default when U is not specified.

ranlib: Support -D and -U flags with same meaning.

readelf: Improve output of -wline. Add support for printing SDT elf notes.
         Add printing of .gdb_index section.
         Support for typed DWARF stack, call_site and entry_value.

strip: Add --reloc-debug-sections option.
       Improved SHT_GROUP sections handling.


Jakub Jelinek (1):
      Add DW_OP_GNU_const_type/regval_type/deref_type/convert/reinterpret.

Jan Kratochvil (1):
      Fix readelf --debug-dump=loc crash on multiple input files.

Marek Polacek (10):
      New test for dwarf_getstring.
      Fix typo in TLSDESC_GOT.
      Don't segfault at DT_PLTREL case.
      Merge branch 'mpolacek/tlsdesc'
      Merge branch 'mpolacek/readelf-pltrel-case'
      New test for ebl_dynamic_tag_name.
      Fix doubled words.
      unstrip.c: Mark function as static.
      nm.c: Remove unused if/else and parameters.
      readelf.c: Assume the right size of an array

Mark Wielaard (25):
      Merge over readelf dwarf string additions from dwarf branch dwarfstrings.
      Add new ebl_check_st_other_bits function.
      Add support for call_site and entry_value to dwarf.h and readelf.
      Fix libdwfl compile issue in case none of the compression libraries are there.
      Add support for printing SDT elf notes.
      libdw: Sanity check end of section against cu_data () of die->cu.
      Add printing of .gdb_index section to readelf.
      Merge branch 'mjw/gdb_index'
      Merge branch 'mjw/sdt'
      dwarf_tag_string fixup GNU_call_site and GNU_call_site_parameter strings.
      strip: Handle SHT_GROUP sections better.
      strip: Add --reloc-debug-sections option.
      Add hello_s390.ko testcase to
      strip: --reloc-debug-sections, relocate against any debug section symbol.
      Add missing test wrappers to (EXTRA_DIST).
      strip.c (relocate): Make offset check overflow-proof.
      * libdw.h (dwarf_offdie): Fix documentation to mention .debug_info.
      derelocate.c (cache_sections): Intern mod->reloc_info check.
      Run gawk on config/known-dwarf.awk.
      dwfl_module_addrsym update sizeless_sym only if closer to desired addr.
      Use index of first global symbol to speed up dwfl_module_addrsym search.
      Add NEWS entries for libdwfl, readelf, strip and dwarf.h.
      Handle DW_FORM_sec_offset in dwarf_formudata.
      Prepare 0.153 release.

Mike Frysinger (1):
      Fix use of AC_ARG_ENABLE to handle $enableval correctly.

Petr Machata (5):
      Check for truncated section in dwarf_child.
      Reject requests for	abbreviation with code 0
      Handle repeated requests for invalid abbreviation
      Merge branch 'pmachata/rerequest-tag'
      Improve output of readelf -wline

Roland McGrath (26):
      Handle DW_AT_GNU_odr_signature in readelf.
      Support reading .zdebug_* DWARF sections compressed via zlib.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      libdwfl: Clear errno before using its ambient value.
      Alpha backend: accept any _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ value.
      Cosmetic cleanup for new test.
      Clean up byte order handling in md5 and sha1 code.
      Wire up -u option handling in ar.
      readelf: Grok -W/--wide for binutils compatibility.
      Ignore files generated by building in the source directory.
      Use POSIX.2 shell features in eu_version calculation.
      Include *_dis.h headers in dist; generate them only for --enable-maintainer-mode.
      Merge branch 'roland/maintainer-gendis'
      ar: Fix a return value check.
      ar: Implement -D.
      Fix elf_from_remote_memory for ELFCLASS64 case.
      Fix .eh_frame decoding in the absence of any DWARF.
      Don't set LD_LIBRARY_PATH explicitly for command run inside test case.
      Support -D in ranlib as in ar.
      Grok -U as inverse of -D in ar and ranlib.
      ar: Don't crash when given files but no command.
      Handle --enable-deterministic-archives to make -D behavior default for ar and ranlib.
      Fix warning nit.
      Cosmetic cleanups to NEWS. Add ${libdir}/elfutils to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Add ${libdir}/elfutils to LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Ulrich Drepper (7):
      Add demangling support to nm
      Update spec file for dependency on C++ library
      Improve nm output for BSD and POSIX format
      Fix nm output for sysv format
      More CL
      Color code output of nm and objdump
      Update copyright year

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