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Re: [PATCH] Add support for m68k

On Fri, 2016-05-20 at 19:37 +0200, Andreas Schwab wrote:
+2016-05-20  Andreas Schwab  <>
> +
> +	* (modules): Add m68k.
> +	(libebl_pic): Add libebl_m68k_pic.a.
> +	(m68k_SRCS, libebl_m68k_pic_a_SOURCES)
> +	(am_libebl_m68k_pic_a_OBJECTS): Define.
> +	* m68k_init.c: New file.
> +	* m68k_symbol.c: New file.
> +	* m68k_regs.c: New file.
> +	* m68k_retval.c: New file.
> +	* m68k_corenote.c: New file.
> +	* m68k_reloc.def: New file.
> +	* linux-core-note.c (ALIGN_INT): Only define if not defined.

This looks good.
Just a couple of comments because I know nothing about m68k.

Is there a canonical ELF/gabi processor spec for m68k?
If so it would be good to add an URL in e.g. m68k_regs.c so others can
easily lookup the register mappings described there. If the only
"official" documentation is in GCC or binutils/gdb that would also be
good to mention.

How does the make check result look on m68k with this patch applied?
Any suspicious FAILs or UNSUPPORTED results?

Could you provide testcases/files for,, run-strip-test?.sh and/or That way
people can run make check on a non-m68k setup and see whether m68k ELF
files are handled properly.

If you are ambitious you could also add support for backtraces by
implementing m68k_init_reg.c set_initial_registers_tid, m68k_cfi.c
abi_cfi, frame_nregs.

None of the above is mandatory to get the m68k support in, but it would
help maintaining the support and making sure it doesn't accidentally
break in the future.



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