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Re: Strip on mips

> I can provide you binaries for all arches in Debian if you want,
> if you tell me which source to build, and how you want it build.

All the test cases have been built from trivial sources so that they
are clearly public domain and no license issues apply to the
binaries we put in the archive.  For this issue, any 

> I have a mips backend already.  I have various backends you don't
> have and I've tried a few times to get some of them applied without
> much luck.

The barrier in the past has been the unclear policy about copyright
ownership for nontrivial additions to elfutils by people who are not
Red Hat employees.  I'm no longer a Red Hat employee myself, but I
haven't contributed much new since that's been the case.  Perhaps
Mark can take up the subject with his management and finally get a
policy.  I imagine it will be something like that contributors need
to agree to the Fedora CLA, but that's only a guess.

> So if you provide a hook for it, I'm more than happy to implement
> it on mips.

It's pretty straightforward to add new ebl hooks
(libebl/ebl-hooks.h, and a default implementation in
libebl/eblopenbackend.c).  We can discuss the details here.

It may make sense just to extend the existing debugscn_p hook to
look at the shdr as well, rather than adding a separate hook.


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