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Re: [PATCH] readelf: Add base to offsets in format_dwarf_addr for debug_loc/ranges.

On Wed, 2013-01-30 at 13:55 -0800, Roland McGrath wrote:
> That seems fine except for needing some more thought about the selection of
> option letter and long option name.  -U is at least not already used for
> something else in binutils readelf (-N was already used for something
> different when I added it to ours and I failed to notice).  The long option
> name seems a little too generic-sounding for an option that actually
> changes only the display of addresses in a few particular contexts.

I did pick -U because it wasn't used by elfutils or binutils readelf.
--unprocessed-values also starts with an 'u'. But might be a little too
generic indeed. What it really does is not resolve any offset values in
DWARF .debug sections to addresses, but just print the value
unresolved/unprocessed. So how about -U, --unresolved-offsets. Or maybe
-O, --offset-values? -O is also not used by either readelf or eu-readelf



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