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elfutils 0.159 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

* NEWS *

Version 0.159

stack: New option -d, --debugname to lookup DWARF debuginfo name for
       frame. New option -i, --inlines to show inlined frames using
       DWARF debuginfo.

libdwelf: New libdwelf.h header for DWARF ELF Low-level
          Functions. New function dwelf_elf_gnu_debuglink,
          dwelf_dwarf_gnu_debugaltlink, and dwelf_elf_gnu_build_id.

libdw: Support for DWZ multifile forms DW_FORM_GNU_ref_alt and
       DW_FORM_GNU_strp_alt is now enabled by default and no longer
       experimental. Added new functions dwarf_getalt and dwarf_setalt
       to get or set the alternative debug file used for the alt FORMs.
       The dwfl_linux_proc_find_elf callback will now find ELF from
       process memory for (deleted) files if the Dwfl has process state

libdwfl: The dwfl_build_id_find_debuginfo and
         dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo functions will now try to resolve
         and set the alternative debug file.

backends: Add CFI unwinding for arm. Relies on .debug_frame.
          Add arm process initial register state compatible mode to
          aarch64. Add aarch64 native and core unwind support.

other: All separate elfutils-robustify patches have been merged.
       CVE-2014-0172 Check overflow before calling malloc to uncompress


Florian Weimer (5):
  dwarf_elf_begin: Add .gnu_debugaltlink to the sectiondata array
  libdw: Add dwarf_getalt, dwarf_setalt
  libdwelf: Add dwelf_dwarf_gnu_debugaltlink
  tests/allfcts.c: Install alternate debug information
  Move .gnu_debugaltlink handling from libdw to libdwfl

Jakub Jelinek (3):
  robustify: elflint.
  robustify: libelf.
  robustify: libelf gelf define INVALID_NDX macro.

Jan Kratochvil (3):
  Fix corruption of non-C++ symbols by the demangler.
  Fix false FAILs on testsuite with ulimit -c unlimited.
  Fix abort() on missing section headers.

Jean Pihet (1):
  backends: add ARM compatible mode to AARCH64

Josh Stone (3):
  libdw: Read DW_AT_decl_file/line/column as unsigned
  libdwfl: dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (open_elf) only (re)set mod->e_type once.
  libdwfl: test dwflsyms on ET_EXEC with minisymtab

Kurt Roeckx (1):
  Unwinding is only supported on Linux

Lei Zhang (1):
  lib: Add missing config.h #include to crc32_file.c.

Mark Wielaard (40):
  readelf: print_debug_macro_section clear vendor array before use.
  backends: aarch64_check_special_symbol check shdr is not NULL before usage.
  tests: check exitcode and max number of frames.
  tests: Reduce the total number of self-test files and add ET_REL files.
  addr2line: handle_address initialize scopes to NULL.
  stack: Add -d, --debugname. Lookup DWARF debuginfo name for frame address.
  stack: Initialize -n maxframes to 256 by default.
  stack: Add -i, --inlines. Show inlined call frames using DWARF debuginfo.
  Use -Wformat=2 by default for all files.
  backends: Update arm_reloc.def.
  backends: arm_cfi SP (r13) is restored from CFA by default.
  backends: Add arm frame_nregs and set_initial_registers_tid.
  readelf: Robustify print_phdr program interpreter printing.
  readelf: More sanity checks before trying to display interpreter string.
  libdwfl: elf-from-memory.c (elf_from_remote_memory): Check against p64 p_type.
  libdwfl: linux-proc-maps.c (proc_maps_report): Don't assert on bad input.
  readelf: Print DW_FORM_sdata values as signed numbers.
  libdwfl: elf_from_remote_memory should use pagesize, not p_align.
  libdwfl: dwfl_linux_proc_find_elf use elf_from_remote_memory for (deleted).
  libdwfl: elf_from_remote_memory only trust shdrs of last file-only segment.
  backends: AARCH64_ABS32 and AARCH64_ABS64 are also valid in ET_REL.
  CVE-2014-0172 Check for overflow before calling malloc to uncompress data.
  backends: Add aarch64 native and core unwind support.
  readelf: convert up to a target long in buf_read_ulong.
  readelf: Read the decompressed data when processing .zdebug DWARF sections.
  Remove mudflap build option.
  tests: use test = not == for string comparisons.
  libdw (get_sleb128_step): Remove undefined behavior.
  readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Use unsigned int for 31 bits left shift.
  libdwfl: __libdwfl_frame_reg_[gs]et use uint64_t when checking bits.
  readelf: handle_core_item make sure variable length array isn't zero size.
  libdwelf: New DWARF ELF Low-level Functions. Add dwelf_elf_gnu_debuglink.
  libdwelf: Add dwelf_elf_gnu_build_id.
  libdwfl: Move dwz alt multi file searching to find_debuginfo callback.
  Remove --enable-dwz. dwz alt debug is no longer experimental.
  libdwfl: Don't leak fd on error in linux-proc-maps.c (grovel_auxv).
  Prepare 0.159 release.
  tests: Don't use static functions in testfile-backtrace-demangle.
  backends: Add ebl_check_reloc_target_type.
  Regenerate *.po files.

Matthias Klose (1):
  tests: (check_native_core) should check core file name.

Petr Machata (2):
  robustify: Use gelf_fsize instead of relying on shdr->sh_entsize.
  backends: Make aarch64_regs.c checkable by -Wprintf

Roland McGrath (2):
  robustify: readelf.
  robustify: strip.

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