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Re: [PATCH] readelf: Add base to offsets in format_dwarf_addr for debug_loc/ranges.

On 01/22/2013 07:52 AM, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Have you tried the patch, does it produce the
> addresses you are expecting?

Sorry for being slow about that.  Yes I've tried it now, and yes it
gives better output.  For reference, here are a few examples of the
particular location list I was interested in.

As something of a baseline, binutils' readelf gives:
>     00576bbe ffffffff811953f5 ffffffff8119541b (DW_OP_reg1 (rdx))
>     00576bbe ffffffff8119541b ffffffff8119546b (DW_OP_reg13 (r13))
>     00576bbe ffffffff8119546b ffffffff81195471 (DW_OP_GNU_entry_value: (DW_OP_reg1 (rdx)); DW_OP_stack_value)
>     00576bbe ffffffff81195471 ffffffff81195481 (DW_OP_reg13 (r13))
>     00576bbe <End of list>

Here's F18's eu-readelf -N:
>  [576bbe]  0x0000000000000b85..0x0000000000000bab [   0] reg1
>            0x0000000000000bab..0x0000000000000bfb [   0] reg13
>            0x0000000000000bfb..0x0000000000000c01 [   0] GNU_entry_value:
>        [   0] reg1
>                                                   [   3] stack_value
>            0x0000000000000c01..0x0000000000000c11 [   0] reg13

Here's your patch on elfutils.git, still -N:
>  [576bbe]  0xffffffff811953f5..0xffffffff8119541b [   0] reg1
>            0xffffffff8119541b..0xffffffff8119546b [   0] reg13
>            0xffffffff8119546b..0xffffffff81195471 [   0] GNU_entry_value:
>        [   0] reg1
>                                                   [   3] stack_value
>            0xffffffff81195471..0xffffffff81195481 [   0] reg13

And you patch on elfutils.git without -N:
>  [576bbe]  0xffffffff811953f5 <sys_write+0x5>..0xffffffff8119541b <sys_write+0x2b> [   0] reg1
>            0xffffffff8119541b <sys_write+0x2b>..0xffffffff8119546b <sys_write+0x7b> [   0] reg13
>            0xffffffff8119546b <sys_write+0x7b>..0xffffffff81195471 <sys_write+0x81> [   0] GNU_entry_value:
>        [   0] reg1
>                                                   [   3] stack_value
>            0xffffffff81195471 <sys_write+0x81>..0xffffffff81195481 [   0] reg13

So yes, the actual numbers are much better, as now I can relate them
back to the range of the function itself.

The output without -N looks a little funny, but as you said that's not
really the fault of your patch, just a consequence of having "real"
addresses to look up.  But I always use -N with vmlinux anyway, because
it's WAY too slow otherwise.  Linear table scans are deadly...

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