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Re: Bugzilla component missing and another (minor) fuzzing-related bug report

On Sat, Jun 27, 2015 at 12:45:13PM +0200, Hanno Böck wrote:
> One reason you might want to fix such issues is that they could be used
> to cause memory exhaustion. E.g. you have a server that processes files
> and you send them specially crafted small files that will use up a lot
> of memory, but not that much that malloc failes.
> Therefore imho it makes sense to add some sanity checks. Parsers should
> never accept any field sizes that are larger than the file itself.
> This is probably not so much an issue in self-containing tools like
> elfutils. Honestly the biggest reason I report these is that asan
> complains about them and it makes fuzzing easier if they get fixed. But
> it's up to you. (Most other apps where I reported similar things fixed
> them)

The fix is indeed simple. We just have to switch the getting of data
(and detecing it is bogus) before allocating the memory. With that your
example gives:

src/nm: bogus.elf: entry size in section 2 `(null)' is not what we expect
src/nm: bogus.elf: INTERNAL ERROR 1207 (0.163): invalid data

And then exists before trying to allocate any memory.

Attached patch pushed to master.
Hope that helps. Looking forward to more fuzzing results :)



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