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Re: [PATCH] readelf: DW_CFA_set_loc operand is an address

On Wed, 2015-11-25 at 17:00 +0100, Ben Gamari wrote:
> Previously this was incorrectly assumed to be an ULEB128. Hilarity
> ensued.
> This appears to be the case in both DWARF 3, DWARF 4, and LSB 5.

Nice catch. Interestingly we seem to handle this correctly in cfi.c, but
not eu-readelf. But note that DWARF and the LSB eh_frame extension are
slightly different. For DWARF .debug_frame this is indeed a "plain"
address and your read_addr_unaligned_inc call is correct. But for
LSB .eh_frame addresses are "encoded" and you should call read_encoded
using the fde_encoding. It looks like fde_encoding isn't passed to
print_cfa_program, so we should probably pass it from

It appears that there is no testfile which uses DW_CFA_set_loc. If you
happen to have one that would be nice to add.

Do you want to combine this with the other patch for printing set_loc?
Could you add a ChangeLog entry and Signed-off-by line for your patch as
described in the CONTRIBUTING document:



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