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Re: release soonish

On Tue, 2012-02-21 at 12:58 -0800, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I don't think I mentioned these before, but the other items for the
> release checklist are to update the portable and robustify branches.
> i.e., merge master into each.  (I've just done this.)
> Then use the Fedora pkgs-git elfutils/Makefile to update the patch
> files for distribution.  Use that elfutils-portability.patch in the
> srpm you send to Koji for scratch builds (before committing anything
> the pkgs git).

ah, I didn't know that was all automated. nice.
I had done that previously locally and generated the patches by hand.

>   I think what I did in the past was to send the
> portable-srpm to the RHEL[45] scratch builders (I'm not sure RHEL4
> builds any more at all, and if it didn't last release then we don't
> care).  Note that RHEL6 builders should handle the vanilla Fedora
> srpm fine.

The plain elfutils builds fine on all RHEL6 architectures, with all
tests passing.

For RHEL5 I had to enable the new --disable-werror support in the
portable branch patch to get a full build going. With that things build
and all arches PASS all tests, except for one elflint failure on ia64
(section [ 2] '.dynsym': symbol 1: symbol in dynamic symbol table with
non-default visibility). But this was there also in earlier versions so
I am not too worried. Will look into it, but shouldn't be a release

I couldn't easily get a rpm build going on RHEL4 (the last official
build on that platform was 0.97 from 2007). But I could build the
portable branch by hand on x86_64. There is one failure from elflint
(all other tests PASS) because the linker creates a .dynsym table where
local and global symbols are mixed (and so sh_info doesn't point to the
first STB_GLOBAL symbol). There is nothing we can do about that.

So I think we are good to go now.



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