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Re: Fwd: [PATCH 0/3] perf tools: Add libdw DWARF post unwind support for ARM64

Hi Mark,

On 19 March 2014 11:46, Mark Wielaard <> wrote:
> Hi Jean,
> On Wed, 2014-03-19 at 10:51 +0100, Jean Pihet wrote:
>> Here is fwded the posting of the patches for libdw integration in perf
>> on AARCH64.
>> The mjw/aarch64-unwind branch of elfultis is used and it works ok! One
>> caveat though: the compat mode is not working, I am investigating this
>> now.
> Good news. Thanks. Which distro/toolchain are you testing against?
> When I worked on that branch I was using Fedora rawhide aarch64, which
> only supports 64bit (no 32bit compat mode). So haven't been able to test
> compat mode yet.
I am using the linaro LAMP image on the Foundation model from ARM, as
described at:

Unfortunately the 32 bit support is not yet in so I am using a
statically built v7 binary for testing. The newer releases of Ubuntu
for AARCH64 are doing better in that respect, I have to give it a try.

Do you have an idea what/where to check for libdw compat support? I
just quickly browsed through the code and found the uses of the
ELFCLASS32/ELFCLASS64 macros interesting.

Do you need testing etc. in order to be able to merge the aarch64
branch? Please let me know!

> Cheers,
> Mark


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