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elfutils 0.154 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

* NEWS *

Version 0.154

libelf: [g]elf[32|64]_offscn() do not match SHT_NOBITS sections at OFFSET.

libdw: dwarf_highpc function now handles DWARF 4 DW_AT_high_pc constant
       form. Fix bug using dwarf_next_unit to iterate over .debug_types.

elflint: Now accepts gold linker produced executables.

The license is now GPLv2/LGPLv3+ for the libraries and GPLv3+
for stand-alone programs. There is now also a formal CONTRIBUTING
document describing how to submit patches.


Kurt Roeckx (1): testrun ./alldts.

Mark Wielaard (19):
  COPYING: Fix address. Updated version from gnulib.
  libcpu, move %_dis.h from CLEANFILES to MAINTAINERCLEANFILES.
  elf_end.c (elf_end): Call rwlock_unlock before rwlock_fini.
  readelf.c (print_gdb_index_section): Accept version 6.
  readelf.c: Check debug section data before trying to print abbrev or str.
  elf32_offscn.c: Do not match SHT_NOBITS sections at OFFSET.
  Add new test for RHBZ#805447 fixed in commit 210c2f.
  readelf.c (print_ops): Add missing DW_OP_GNU operands.
  Removed old libdwarf test show-ciefde.
  dwarf_highpc: Handle DW_AT_high_pc being a constant offset from DW_AT_low_
  tests/low_high_pc.c: Allow highpc == lowpc for CU DIEs for buggy GCC.
  elflint: Allow zero sized sections at (filesz) end of segment.
  Remove unused (generated) src/ylwrap file.
  Remove .mtn-ignore and .cvsignore files.
  Update name, license and contributor policy.
  Prepare 0.153 release.
  readelf.c: Cast printf PRIu/x64 arguments to uint64_t for gcc 4.7 -Wformat
  tests/low_high_pc.c: Use proper inttypes in printf formats.

Roland McGrath (3):
  Don't exclude sh_type >= SHT_NUM from stripping.
  RHBZ#805447: Fix core file grokking for case of truncated .dynstr
  elflint: Accept SHF_INFO_LINK for reloc sections.

Tom Tromey (1):
  Fix bug using dwarf_next_unit to iterate over .debug_types

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