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elfutils 0.164 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

* NEWS *

strip, unstrip: Handle ELF files with merged strtab/shstrtab tables.
                Handle missing SHF_INFO_LINK section flags.

libelf: Use int64_t for offsets in libelf.h instead of loff_t.

libdw: dwarf.h Add preliminary DWARF5 DW_LANG_Haskell.

libdwfl: dwfl_standard_find_debuginfo now searches any subdir of the binary
         path under the debuginfo root when the separate debug file couldn't
         be found by build-id.
         dwfl_linux_proc_attach can now be called before any Dwfl_Modules
         have been reported.

backends: Better sparc and sparc64 support.

translations: Updated Ukrainian translation.

Provide default-yama-scope subpackage.


Chih-Hung Hsieh (11):
  Replace printf %Z length modifier with %z.
  Replace some K&R function definitions with ansi-C definitions.
  libdw: Add const declaration to getlocations_addr locs.
  tests: Remove unused static const variables in md5-sha1-test.c.
  tests: Init local variable enctype before use in print_base_type varlocs.c.
  libdwfl: Replace abs with llabs for int64_t values.
  Initialize variable before use.
  Remove redundant NULL tests.
  Move 4 libdwfl nested functions.
  Do without union of variable length arrays.
  Move recursive nested function to file scope.

Dodji Seketeli (1):
  Fix finding split debug info files not located by the build-id mechanism

Jose E. Marchesi (7):
  sparc: add some missing relocation types.
  sparc: fix the extraction of relocation IDs from r_type fields.
  Use -fPIC instead of -fpic when generating PIC code.
  Use -fPIC instead of -fpic when generating PIC code.
  sparc: support for the check_object_attribute ebl hook.
  Use seek+read instead of pread to read from /dev/$$/mem files.
  Do not rely on ebl_check_special_section when checking debuginfo files.

Josh Stone (3):
  Improve AM_SILENT_RULES coverage
  Trust AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to provide large file support
  libelf: Use int64_t for offsets in libelf.h

Mark Wielaard (29):
  nm: First call elf_getdata, then allocate memory.
  unstrip: Handle debuginfo files with missing SHF_INFO_LINK section flags.
  spec: Provide default-yama-scope.
  tests: Add a testcase for dwfl debuginfo-path with separate bin/debug dirs.
  elflint: Add gnuld check when a NOBITS section falls inside a segment.
  libdw: Add DW_LANG_Haskell.
  readelf: handle_core_item large right shift triggers undefined behaviour.
  backends: Use ebl->class consistently in sparc backend.
  libdwfl: Make dwfl_linux_proc_attach work even without any Dwfl_Modules.
  libdw: Don't reassign result pointer in dwarf_peel_type.
  Update dl-hash.h from glibc.
  Remove old-style function definitions.
  Properly mark all internal function definitions.
  libelf: Always update e_version and e_shentsize in elf_update.
  Handle merged strtab/shstrtab string tables in strip and unstrip.
  unstrip: Update sh_info when SH_INFO_LINK_P not just when SHF_INFO_LINK set
  Allocate exact amount of bytes for phdrs and shdrs.
  strip: Only sanity check symbols to not discarded sections for debug file.
  tests: Rename argument from check to statement in elfshphehdr.c. Add AM_SILENT_RULES([yes])
  config: Use ARFLAGS 'cr'.
  ldlex: Fix sign-compare warning, suppress -Wstack-usage.
  libelf: Only use posix_fallocate when using mmap. Ignore unsupported errors.
  elflint: Check relro flags are a subset of the load segment.
  Prepare 0.164 release.
  tests: Add AM_LDFLAGS to dwfl_proc_attach_LDFLAGS.
  ppc: ppc_check_special_symbol): Also allow _SDA_BASE_ in .data section.
  elflint: Reject mergable string sections as relocation target.
  Regenerate .po files.

Mike Frysinger (1):
  ignore more generated files

Pino Toscano (6):
  Reduce scope of some includes
  tests: Mark an unused argument as such
  strings: Define MAP_POPULATE if not defined already
  tests: dwfl-bug-fd-leak: Guard against null module addresses
  tests: skip when dwfl_linux_proc_attach is not implemented
  Fix/improve .gitignore

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
  Update Ukrainian translation

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