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elfutils 0.163 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

This is a bug fix only release. With one important regression fix
introduced in elfutils 0.162.

elf_update could fail to reduce the file size on disk in some cases. The
result would still be a valid ELF file, but it would contain extra data
at the end of the ELF image (from the old file). This would make it seem
like eu-strip didn't work correctly since it would not have reduced the
file size, even though the debug sections would not be available

This release also contains an updated Polish translation.

* NEWS *

Bug fixes only, no new features.


Mark Wielaard (17):
  libebl: SHT_(INIT|FINI|PREINIT)_ARRAY are valid targets for relocation.
  po/*.po: Regenerate.
  libelf: Always call ftruncate before posix_fallocate to set the right size.
  libdw: Detect dwarf_formudata errors in dwarf_getmacros.
  libdw: Not leak memory on error in dwarf_getpubnames.
  libdwfl: Check symbol section exists and has a sane entsize in find_symtab.
  libelf: Check symbol section header exists before use in nlist.
  strings: Handle failure of getting section name on bogus section data.
  nm: Fix typo in size check to determine whether we stack allocated memory.
  libdw: Make sure the default page size is big enough to hold a Dwarf.
  elflint: Only check the PT_TLS phdr if it actually exists, warn otherwise.
  libelf: Don't leak memory on failure paths in elf_updatefile.
  readelf: Don't leak memory on failure path in handle_gnu_hash.
  libdwfl: Don't leak fname if file is main file by another name in try_open.
  readelf: Make sure phdr2_mem lifetime/scope equals phdr2 pointer.
  findtextrel: Don't leak memory in process_file.
  Prepare 0.163 release.

Piotr Drąg (2):
  Updated Polish translation

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