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Re: [PATCH 3/5] tests: Add test to check for unknown DWARF codes.

On Tue, 2012-08-14 at 11:28 -0700, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > +# Make sure there are no unknown DWARF codes.
> > +testrun_on_self_nomatch "unknown_0x[0-9a-f]+|lo_user\+0x[0-9a-f]" ../src/readelf -N -w
> You'll have to make it smarter without the unknown_ prefix,
> but it's better to work harder to write a test than to make
> the output of a user tool uglier.

Lets see if we can make the tool output nicer first in the other patch.
I don't think printing unknown is ugly.

> > +  for file in $self_test_files; do
> > +      testrun $* $file | egrep -o "$pattern" | sort -u > self_matches.out \
> Indent by two spaces, not four.  Use "$@" (with quotes), not $*.

Will fix indentation. Now I am confused about the "$@" vs $* though.
Earlier you said:

        "$@" is special magic but $@ is just $* and it looks more normal
        to use $* where you don't need "$@".

So do I need "$@" here instead of $*? What is the magic?

> > +	  || :
> Why do you want to succeed if the pipeline fails?
> Anyway this really should do testrun separately so it can check
> the exit status of the tested command before it does grep.

I think this was just cargo cult from testrun_out () above.
But I don't know precisely what you mean by running testrun,
we also do need to capture the output. But I'll look into rephrasing the

> > +      if test -s self_matches.out; then
> > +	  echo "*** failure in $* $file"; cat self_matches.out; exit_status=1;
> Use separate lines rather than ;.


> > +  # Only exit if something failed
> > +  if test $exit_status != 0; then exit $exit_status; fi
> If you want to do this on one line, use:
>     test $exit_status = 0 || exit $exit_status

Which is shorter and nicer.



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