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Re: Versioned symbols in elfutils and uClibc

On 04/24/15 12:13, Max Filippov wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 2:49 PM, Anthony G. Basile
> <> wrote:
>> On 04/23/15 18:24, Max Filippov wrote:
>>> A lot of tests failed because elfutils were built with --disable-progs
>>> (otherwise the build fails), and some test binaries failed to build
>>> because they call functions not available in uClibc.
>> You might also want to take a look a [1].  I had to produce a series of
> Wow, I didn't know that gentoo can work with uClibc, that's great.
> I'll look at these patches.
>> patches to get it to build.  What did you do about mtrace()?
> I've plugged it with empty definition.

I maintain stage3 tarballs (that's minimal system with full toolchain) 
for multiple arches.  I hit elfutils because some of these stage3's are 
"hardened" meaning that they are meant to run with a pax hardened 
kernel.  These require "marking" of some elf objects which is done by a 
utility I wrote called paxutils-ng.  This depends on elfutils

Take a look at:

official site:

downloads for ...



mipsel3 + mips32r2:

ppc: (vanilla only)

I also maintain a full desktop system using uclibc for amd64 only.  The 
purpose is to push uclibc to the limits and hit as many implementation 
level bugs.

Official site:


I also maintain similar stages for musl:

I hope this stuff is useful to you.

Anthony G. Basile, Ph. D.
Chair of Information Technology
D'Youville College
Buffalo, NY 14201
(716) 829-8197

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