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elfutils 0.157 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

* NEWS *

Version 0.157

libdw: Add new functions dwarf_getlocations, dwarf_getlocation_attr
       and dwarf_getlocation_die.

readelf: Show contents of NT_SIGINFO and NT_FILE core notes.

addr2line: Support -i, --inlines output option.

backends: abi_cfi hook for arm, ppc and s390.


Jan Kratochvil (1):
  backends: Hook abi_cfi for ppc and s390.

Josh Stone (1):
  libdw: Simplify __libdw_visit_scopes' tag checks

Kurt Roeckx (1):
  gelf_getauxv: Use memcpy, not pointer deref, to avoid alignment problems.

Mark Wielaard (24):
  addr2line: Remove newline from strings returned by getline.
  addr2line: Support -i, --inlines output option.
  libdwfl/linux-kernel-modules.c (report_kernel): Pass add_p_vaddr as true.
  gelf_getauxv: Remove unnecessary casts to char *.
  gelf_getauxv: Add missing whitespace.
  backends: Always set *prefix to "" when not used in register_info hook.
  tests: Add test for libdw cfi dwarf_frame_* functions.
  tests: Add ppc32 and ppc64 addrcfi testcases.
  tests: Add s390 and s390x addrcfi testcases.
  backends: Hook abi_cfi for arm.
  libdw: Add new function dwarf_getlocations.
  libdw: Add new functions dwarf_getlocation_attr and dwarf_getlocation_die.
  tests: Add new varlocs test for dwarf_getlocation* functions.
  Fix typo in dwfl_module_getdwarf.c (find_symtab).
  libdwfl: proc_maps_report should not fclose the given file.
  Fix memory leak and set libdw errno when intern_fde cannot parse start/end.
  libdwfl: Fix memory leak in cu.c on bad DWARF.
  Make sure --enable-dwz code is also tested during make distcheck.
  libdw: Make dwarf_getfuncs find all (defining) DW_TAG_subprogram DIEs.
  eblsectionstripp.c (ebl_section_strip_p): Check shdr_l is not NULL.
  Prepare 0.157 release.
  libdw: Fix compiler warnings on 32-bit.
  0.157 release updates for NEWS, and .po files.

Namhyung Kim (1):
  gelf.h: Fix typo in comment.

Petr Machata (4):
  Update elf.h from glibc
  Recognize names of some new core note types in ebl_core_note_type_name
  Show contents NT_SIGINFO core note in readelf
  Show contents NT_FILE core note in readelf

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