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Re: libelf gelf_newehdr and gelf_newphdr return types

On 12/ 6/16 07:31 AM, Mark Wielaard wrote:
>   /* Some gelf_newehdr implementations don't return the resulting
>      ElfNN_Ehdr, so we have to do it the hard way instead of:
>      e_ident = (char *) gelf_newehdr (elf, gelf_getclass (dso->elf)); */
>   switch (gelf_getclass (dso->elf))
>     {
>     case ELFCLASS32:
>       e_ident = (char *) elf32_newehdr (elf);
>       break;
>     case ELFCLASS64:
>       e_ident = (char *) elf64_newehdr (elf);
>       break;
>     default:
>       e_ident = NULL;
>       break;
>     }
> Which is slightly horrible. But neither the Solaris documentation, nor
> the elfutils libelf documentation seem to actually make any promise
> about the return value. It is only implied that, like all gelf
> functions, zero will be returned on failure.
> I wanted to update the elfutils gelf documentation for these functions
> to state that the returned pointer is to the appropriate header for the
> ELF class. Which I believe is the only sane thing to do. I don't know of
> any libelf implementation where the comment from dwz is true.

    I'm not aware of libelf implementations where the return
value isn't the pointer to the underlying class specific
header, but I suppose that there could be one.

I never thought I'd argue against clarifying documentation,
but I'm not sure that making this any more explicit is really
helping anyone. It really doesn't make sense that a library
that exists to provide class independent access to objects
returns a class dependent pointer, and I think the intent
really is that callers only pay attention to 0 vs non-zero.
Perhaps the documentation should just say that, while the
internals return the pointer as they always have, to maintain
compatibility with the past.

- Ali

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