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Re: release soonish

Ok.  I think you can cut it unless Uli really wants to.
If --enable-maintainer-mode, then make distcheck ought
to automagically update config/
It looks like we haven't made a top-level ChangeLog entry
for updating the version in in the past.

Then commit and git tag -s elfutils-0.153 and push.

Then make distcheck again for good measure, and then gpg -b the tar.bz2
file and copy over tar.bz2{,.sig} to your pkgs-git checkout, update the
patches and edit elfutils.spec there (be sure to include any Fedora
bugzilla #s fixed there).

Hmm.  I'm not sure if everyone can upload to
The documented way is "scp file...".
But we now make a directory (i.e. 0.153/) and put things under that.
I don't know if that scp will create the directory for you, maybe
it will if you use "scp -r 0.153".
If not, I can create the directory (I have shell login access,
not just scp).  But why don't you try it, and find me on freenode
if it didn't work.

It should get the tar.bz2, tar.bz2.sig, and two *.patch files.

Then there are the fedpkg steps, but I assume you know those.

I don't think I forgot anything, but it's been a long time now
since I last did this.


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