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Re: [PATCH] Fix section corruption bug

On Thursday 12 June 2014 14:30:52 Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Thanks. It think that shows the second bug you describe.

First bug. My testcase first uses elf_strptr() to get the strings for the 
symbols, and that func internally calls elf_rawdata() thus triggering the first 
bug described.

> Still scratching my head a little how to resolve both issues properly.

Hmm.. I didn't do any debugging on the second bug reported, but it seems to me 
that once a section was marked dirty, outputting to a new elf causes it to 
only consider data explicitly added to the lib internal memory representation 
of the elf.
It _did_ write out the data I added via elf_newdata(), and entered the 
appropriate offsets into the header file, but completely omitted copying of the 
original data.

These issues can all be worked around with by explicitly calling 

Still, I'm a bit baffled that a bug like this could exist for so long in .. well 
I guess these are kind of core developer utils, right?
Or maybe I'm doing some really sick stuff noone else dreamt up yet ;)

Best regards,
Thilo Schulz

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