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Re: [PATCH 1/1] Add a --{enable,disable}-backends option

On Fri, 2015-04-03 at 18:22 +0200, Jan Heylen wrote:
> I had a look, indeed not what I need, I was already looking at autoconf and
> parsing the list of backends, only need to find a way to get the available
> backends from the backends subfolder/makefile

The backends are listed as "modules" in backends/ But we
currently don't use that list for the build dependencies, only for
install bits. So it is probably easiest to just always build everything,
but only change the backends/ install-ebl-modules target. The
eblopenbackend should just try to open the correct backend .so, but fail
softly when it isn't actually there.

You probably have to introduce a new configure option
--enable-backends=foo,bar,baz and then just parse out the backend names
(or just echo $enableval | sed 's/,/ /g') and set some
INSTALL_BACKEND_MODULES variable that you then use in the
backends/ install-ebl-modules target (and which defaults to
being the normal modules list).

Bonus points for a --enable-backends=native or --enable-backends=target
configure option that selects just the native backend and any compat
arch (e.g x86_64 and i386). But that probably needs to be second list
maintained by hand.

Sometimes getting this auto* foo right is a bit of a mystery. So please
do ask on the list if you seem to get stuck.



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