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Re: release soonish

On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 01:05:04PM -0800, Roland McGrath wrote:
> Though overall activity has been fairly low since about last March (wonder
> why ;-), there has been more than enough change to warrant a release.
> In particular 0.152 doesn't build happily with the newest compilers.

I added some NEWS entries for libdwfl, readelf, strip and dwarf.h to
show what else has improved since 0.153. There also have been various
smaller bug fixes.  0.153 NEWS section now looks as follows:

Version 0.153

libdw: Support reading .zdebug_* DWARF sections compressed via zlib.

libdwfl: Speed up dwfl_module_addrsym.

nm: Support C++ demangling.

ar: Support D modifier for "deterministic output" with no uid/gid/mtime info.
    The U modifier is the inverse.
    elfutils can be configured with the --enable-deterministic-archives
    option to make the D behavior the default when U is not specified.

ranlib: Support -D and -U flags with same meaning.

readelf: Improve output of -wline. Add support for printing SDT elf notes.
         Add printing of .gdb_index section. 

strip: Add --reloc-debug-sections option.
       Improved SHT_GROUP sections handling.

Add support for typed dwarf stack, call_site and entry_value to dwarf.h
and readelf.

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