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Re: [PATCH 3/3] Add a simple array for CU abbreviations with low codes

Josh Stone <> writes:

>  struct Dwarf_CU
>  {
> @@ -283,7 +285,9 @@ struct Dwarf_CU
>    size_t type_offset;
>    uint64_t type_sig8;
> -  /* Hash table for the abbreviations.  */
> +  /* Simple array for the abbreviations with low codes.  */
> +  Dwarf_Abbrev *abbrev_array[CU_ABBREV_ARRAY_SIZE];

This blows up Dwarf_CU from 100odd bytes to something like half the
page, I'm not entirely fond of that.  Especially since the hash table
that follows is an on-demand-growing structure, having half a page
reserved (possibly on stack) just in case seems wasteful.

I'm looking into some debuginfo files.  libc has an average of 28
abbreviations per CU (with 108 being the most), libstdc++ an average of
77 (with 108 the most), gcc 88 (142), libbost_python 206 (290), vmlinux
112 (185).  So reserving space for 256 seems overly generous.  I'd be
fine with a growable heap-allocated array capped at 256.  Hopefully that
would still be helpful performance-wise.

> --- a/libdw/libdw_findcu.c
> +++ b/libdw/libdw_findcu.c
> @@ -105,6 +106,7 @@ __libdw_intern_next_unit (dbg, debug_types)
>    newp->version = version;
>    newp->type_sig8 = type_sig8;
>    newp->type_offset = type_offset;
> +  memset(newp->abbrev_array, 0, sizeof(newp->abbrev_array));

Space after memset.  That sizeof either shouldn't have parens, or there
should be a space.


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