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Re: release soonish

> But if you emit the information anyway then it is (as even Alan admits)
> useful for analysing tools. In this particular case knowing that a
> symbol/address came from the .tm_clone_table seems useful to me.


> > Unless I'm missing something, there are three sensible options.
> > 1. A preserved symbol in a discarded section becomes SHN_ABS.
> > 2. A discarded section is not actually discarded, but assigned to one of
> >    the adjacent output sections, so its symbols wind up in that section.
> > 3. No orphan input section is discarded if it contains any symbols.
> There also is the option of just doing away with the section table
> and just keep the program headers when producing an executable of
> course. But that also isn't particularly useful.

It's useful for some things, but only for things wherein you discard the
entire symbol table, so this issue is moot.

> > My impression is that gold just doesn't discard any sections at all,
> > instead producing empty output sections.  I don't see any harm in that.
> Yes, that (3) seems the best option. IMHO. Both 1 and 2 loose the original
> information. 


> But we need to have this discussion on the binutils list
> if we want to advocate a change/patch for ld.

Feel free to CC me if you take it up there.


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