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Re: [PATCH 0/5] A few sparc fixes

On Mon, 2015-10-05 at 17:36 +0200, Jose E. Marchesi wrote:
> Hello.  This small patch series fixes several issues in sparc-*-* and
> sparc64-*-* targets.
> Jose E. Marchesi (5):
>   Use -fPIC instead of -fpic when generating PIC code.
>   sparc: support for the check_object_attribute ebl hook.
>   sparc: add some missing relocation types.
>   sparc: fix the extraction of relocation IDs from r_type fields.
>   Use seek+read instead of pread to read from /dev/$$/mem files.

Thanks. I already pushed two of them and I think the others can also go
in if you have time to look at/respond to the comments.

I don't know of any sparc setups to test things though. And we don't
have many sparc testfiles. testfile30 (SPARC) and testfile31 (SPARC v9)
used in tests/ And testfile42 (SPARC v8+) used in,, and Could you check those are still relevant or need
extending with other/newer ELF testfiles?

For bonus points you might want to extend some tests with sparc
testcases like (tests ebl core_note hook), (test ebl reloc_simple_type hook) and run-funcretval
(tests ebl return_value_location hook).

And for extra double plus bonus points you might want to implement the
unwinding ebl hooks abi_cfi and a testcase plus the ebl
frame_nregs and set_initial_registers_tid hooks and a testcase and core file (the testsuite should
then also no longer skip the native backtrace tests).

All these are of course optional. But some programs do use libdw for
unwinding and getting backtraces from core files and native processes.



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