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Re: [patch] Resolve ppc64 func descriptors as .func (via .opd)

I agree with Mark that this does not belong in dwfl_module_addrsym.  It
has straightforward semantics: it gives you the ELF symbol who st_value
is near the given address.  

Perhaps what will be used most often is something with different
semantics: yield a name and corresponding address near the given
address.  For most machines, that would be trivially derived from
addrsym results, since ELF symbols are the only way to find a name.
Nonetheless, it's a different semantics and should not be conflated with

Or perhaps you want to describe those semantics as, yield an ELF symbol
(i.e. not just name, but also section, scope, and visibility info) and
corresponding address near the given address.  For most machines that
"corresponding address" is exactly the st_value of the symbol, but for
fdesc machines it would be the code address pointed to by the entry at
st_value.  It's important to note that this is not available from symtab
information alone, so e.g. it can't be found looking at a separate
.debug file without having the stripped file too--that's a
machine-dependent difference in what you can do with just a .debug file.


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