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Re: [commit] NEWS update; + expected release of 0.156

> +     Fix pread and pwrite if they return incomplete data.

This is internal implementation detail.  The only news is a bug fix, which
we don't usually put in NEWS.

> +libdw: Fix DW_CFA_expression parsing of initial pushed value.
> +       Fix false error return on no matching CFI from __libdw_find_fde.
> +       Fix uninitialized register contents memory in execute_cfi.
> +       Handle GNU extension opcodes in dwarf_getlocation.
> +       Handle FORM_GNU_strp_alt for files with string data only in dwz file.
> +       srcfiles and srclines fixes for partial_units.
> +       dwarf_getsrclines mark highest address as end_sequence.
> +       dwarf_getsrclines don't set end_sequence when there are no lines.
> +       libdw_visit_scopes: Don't recurse into imported unit children.
> +       getcfi_scn_eh_frame: Don't crash when .eh_frame bits aren't there.
> +       Don't blow up stack in dwarf_getsrclines with lots of lines.

This is full of implementation details too.  NEWS should only mention
things that make sense to a user of the library who has never read the

For everything that is just part of fixing some bugs, I don't think we need
to list them in NEWS at all.

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