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Re: elfutils 0.156 released

I'm seeing a problem on sparc:
Starting program: /home/kroeckx/elfutils-0.156/src/readelf -n ../testfile67.bz2

Note segment of 1044 bytes at offset 0xe8:
  Owner          Data size  Type
  CORE                 336  PRSTATUS
    info.si_signo: 4, info.si_code: 0, info.si_errno: 0, cursig: 4
    sigpend: <>
    sighold: <>
    pid: 805, ppid: 804, pgrp: 804, sid: 699
    utime: 0.000042, stime: 0.000103, cutime: 0.000000, cstime: 0.000000
    orig_r2: 2571552016, fpvalid: 1
    pswm:   0x0705c00180000000  pswa:   0x00000000800000d6
    r0:         4393751543808  r1:         4398002544388
    r2:                    11  r3:            2571578208
    r4:            2571702016  r5:         4398003235624
    r6:            2571580768  r7:            2571702016
    r8:            2571578208  r9:            2571552016
    r10:           2571552016  r11:                    0
    r12:        4398003499008  r13:           2148274656
    r14:                    0  r15:        4398040761216
    a0:   0x000003ff  a1:   0xfd54a6f0  a2:   0x00000000  a3:   0x00000000
    a4:   0x00000000  a5:   0x00000000  a6:   0x00000000  a7:   0x00000000
    a8:   0x00000000  a9:   0x00000000  a10:  0x00000000  a11:  0x00000000
    a12:  0x00000000  a13:  0x00000000  a14:  0x00000000  a15:  0x00000000
  CORE                 136  PRPSINFO
    state: 0, sname: R, zomb: 0, nice: 0, flag: 0x0000000000400400
    uid: 0, gid: 0, pid: 805, ppid: 804, pgrp: 804, sid: 699
    fname: 1, psargs: ./1
  CORE                 304  AUXV

Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.
0xf7f479f8 in gelf_getauxv (data=0x5a908, ndx=0, dst=0xffffd050) at gelf_getauxv.c:100
100           *dst = ((GElf_auxv_t *) data_scn->d.d_buf)[ndx];
(gdb) bt
#0  0xf7f479f8 in gelf_getauxv (data=0x5a908, ndx=0, dst=0xffffd050) at gelf_getauxv.c:100
#1  0x000383c0 in handle_auxv_note (ebl=0x5a380, core=0x5a150, descsz=304, desc_pos=764) at readelf.c:8613
#2  0x00038a80 in handle_notes_data (ebl=0x5a380, ehdr=0xffffd3a8, start=232, data=0x5a7b8) at readelf.c:8743
#3  0x00038e98 in handle_notes (ebl=0x5a380, ehdr=0xffffd3a8) at readelf.c:8812
#4  0x00015d84 in process_elf_file (dwflmod=0x5a238, fd=7) at readelf.c:884
#5  0x00015294 in process_dwflmod (dwflmod=0x5a238, userdata=0x5a240, name=0x5a350 "../testfile67.bz2", base=2147483648,
    arg=0xffffd538) at readelf.c:690
#6  0xf7f9384c in dwfl_getmodules (dwfl=0x5a018, callback=0x151f4 <process_dwflmod>, arg=0xffffd538, offset=0)
    at dwfl_getmodules.c:82
#7  0x000156d0 in process_file (fd=7, fname=0xffffd87d "../testfile67.bz2", only_one=true) at readelf.c:775
#8  0x00013b78 in main (argc=3, argv=0xffffd744) at readelf.c:295

I'm not sure why I get this error since all addresses seem to be valid.


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