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Re: release soonish

On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 01:05:04PM -0800, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I don't know of anything else anyone intends to work on any time soon.
> If you have any plans, please post about them.

I like to see a new release soon, but I had one little patchlet.

In Dwarf 4 there is the new DW_FORM_sec_offset which replaces either
DW_FORM_data4 or DW_FORM_data8 for section offsets. But dwarf_formudata
doesn't recognize it. That means you cannot easily get at offset
values like you could with Dwarf 3. I needed it recently when looking
for .debug_ranges index sharing in DIEs. There is a "workaround" that
readelf uses:

  case DW_FORM_sec_offset:
    attrp->form = cbargs->offset_size == 8 ? DW_FORM_data8 : DW_FORM_data4;
    /* Fall through.  */

  case DW_FORM_udata:
  case DW_FORM_sdata:
  case DW_FORM_data8:
  case DW_FORM_data4:
  case DW_FORM_data2:
  case DW_FORM_data1:;
    Dwarf_Word num;
    if (unlikely (dwarf_formudata (attrp, &num) != 0))
      goto attrval_out;

But that is slightly ugly and requires you keep track of the offset_size
of the cu (which libdw gives you, but requires some extra work with libdwfl).
So I would like to just accept DW_FORM_sec_offset in dwarf_formudata.

Does that look sane, or do you want a specific dwarf_formsec_off function
for that?



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