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Re: [PATCH 5/6] Use -lintl when libc doesn't provide dgettext

On 04 May 2015 02:25, Max Filippov wrote:
> +		[char *test=dgettext("test","test"); return 0;]

these tests might be a little more robust if you return the value:
	return dgettext("test","test") != NULL;

that said, i think you can drop all of this custom logic.  elfutils uses 
gettext, which means it should call AM_GNU_GETTEXT.  once you do that, gettext 
already sets up $LIBINTL for you and exports it to makefiles.

elfutils used to use this macro, but Ulrich dropped it back in 2005 which is 
before the git history started, although i doubt he provided a useful commit 
message in the first place.

maybe something like this ?  i picked 0.18.2 merely becuase that's what is 
listed in m4/gettext.m4 already.

--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@ AS_IF([test "$use_locks" = yes],
 AH_TEMPLATE([USE_LOCKS], [Defined if libraries should be thread-safe.])
@@ -258,10 +259,8 @@ dnl Test suite.
 AM_CONDITIONAL(STANDALONE, false)dnl Used in tests/, which see.
-# Get the definitions necessary to create the Makefiles in the po
-# subdirectories.  This is a small subset of the gettext rules.
 dnl Appended to the config.h file.
 dnl We hide all kinds of configuration magic in lib/eu-config.h.

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