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Re: [PATCH] gelf_getauxv: Use memcpy instead of pointer dereference to avoid alignment problems.

On Tue, 2013-08-27 at 09:47 -0700, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > -      memcpy(dst, (char *) data_scn->d.d_buf + ndx * sizeof (GElf_auxv_t),
> > +      memcpy(dst, data_scn->d.d_buf + ndx * sizeof (GElf_auxv_t),
> >              sizeof (GElf_auxv_t));
> This still has a missing space and the indentation is off.

Please next time do point out exactly where (or provide a patch).
Missing or extra whitespace is always hard to see. I really didn't spot
it. But Josh helped me see the light. I am assuming you mean:

diff --git a/libelf/gelf_getauxv.c b/libelf/gelf_getauxv.c
index 6b91030..a2f04e7 100644
--- a/libelf/gelf_getauxv.c
+++ b/libelf/gelf_getauxv.c
@@ -97,8 +97,8 @@ gelf_getauxv (data, ndx, dst)
 	  goto out;
-      memcpy(dst, data_scn->d.d_buf + ndx * sizeof (GElf_auxv_t),
-	     sizeof (GElf_auxv_t));
+      memcpy (dst, data_scn->d.d_buf + ndx * sizeof (GElf_auxv_t),
+	      sizeof (GElf_auxv_t));
   result = dst;

I'll check that in,


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