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Re: sizeof - kernel modules

On Mon, 2015-06-15 at 14:28 -0700, Josh Stone wrote:
> CC elfutils-devel, this appears to be a regression.  I'm top-posting my
> own findings, but I'll leave the kernel report below...
> With elfutils-0.162, it appears that "strip" doesn't reduce the file
> size when operating in-place (without -o).  This isn't particular to
> funny kernel ELF -- I reproduced it on a local stap binary.
> My full stap is 31MB.  With strip -o, I get a new 2.5MB file.  With
> strip in-place, stap remains 31MB even though the ELF section data does
> indicate all the DWARF sections are gone.
> I bisected it to commit 77482c4bf63a.
>    if (elf->parent == NULL
>        && (elf->maximum_size == ~((size_t) 0)
>  	  || (size_t) size > elf->maximum_size)
> -      && unlikely (ftruncate (elf->fildes, size) != 0))
> +      && unlikely (posix_fallocate (elf->fildes, 0, size) != 0))
> In elf_begin() w/ ELF_C_RDWR, we get maximum_size == ~0, but now this
> posix_fallocate can only increase the file size.  The later part of
> write_file() to reduce the size is only called for maximum_size != ~0.

Yes, you are right. Of course it is the smallest one-liner patch of the
release with the most comments and discussions across multiple lists.
And still people (me) failed to spot the maximum_size == -1 case. Sigh.
Sorry about that.

Simplest probably is to just revert this one patch and do a elfutils
0.163 release with just that (and the translation updates). The issue
that this was preventing (disk full with ELF_C_RDWR_MMAP, ftruncate
appear to succeed, write in memory map causes SIGBUS) is probably less
likely to trigger than this regression.

I have to get me some sleep now. I look over the other options tomorrow.



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