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Re: [Patch] Add configure --enable-valgrind option to run all tests under valgrind.

On Tue, 2012-10-09 at 14:48 -0700, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I didn't get to this before you committed it, and that's OK.
> I had some tiny style quibbles.  Mostly it just seemed to me
> that at least the lower layers of this where it's really just
> a generic "command prefix before running a binary" should be
> named generically.  That could be plumbed all the way up to
> configure, as --enable-tests-prefix="...".  Then you can add
> --enable-tests-valgrind as a shorthand for a particular value
> of the prefix.
> The log entry mentions but no such file nor
> use of it appears in the patch.

Sharp eyes! I did remove that from the log message/ChangeLog before
pushing the commit. At first I had written the support as a wrapper
script, but as it turned out, it was actually easier (and more generic)
without. I don't immediately know of any other "test-prefixers" we could
use/try. Are there any that would be beneficial to run make check tests



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