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Re: [PATCH] stack: Simplify argument parsing. Don't use dwfl_standard_argp.

On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 11:23:16AM +0100, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> We were using dwfl_standard_argp but trying to add our own and substract
> some options from it. dwfl_standard_argp also handles kernel, modules,
> executables without state and process maps that stack doesn't support.
> That made argp parsing somewhat ugly and meant our --help and --usage
> didn't really match. Just handle the dwfl_standard_argp options we do
> want directly ('-p', '--core', '-e' and '--debuginfo-path'). That way
> we can also do sanity checking on the options given.

I pushed this and the better error handling patch to master, including
some of the new arguments to stack (-l, -1, -r, -b and -n).

  stack: Add new '-n MAXFRAMES' option. Resolve addresses after unwind.
  stack: -b, --build-id shows module build-id, load address and pc offset.
  stack: Simplify argument parsing. Don't use dwfl_standard_argp.
  stack: Add --quiet to not resolve addresses, add --raw to not demangle.
  stack: Improve error checking and exit code handling.
  stack: Add -l, --list-modules. Show module memory map, build-id and files.



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