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elfutils 0.158 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

* NEWS *

Version 0.158

libdwfl: dwfl_core_file_report has new parameter executable.
         New functions dwfl_module_getsymtab_first_global,
         dwfl_module_getsym_info and dwfl_module_addrinfo.
         Added unwinder with type Dwfl_Thread_Callbacks, opaque types
         Dwfl_Thread and Dwfl_Frame and functions dwfl_attach_state,
         dwfl_pid, dwfl_thread_dwfl, dwfl_thread_tid, dwfl_frame_thread,
         dwfl_thread_state_registers, dwfl_thread_state_register_pc,
         dwfl_getthread_frames, dwfl_getthreads, dwfl_thread_getframes
         and dwfl_frame_pc.

addr2line: New option -x to show the section an address was found in.

stack: New utility that uses the new unwinder for processes and cores.

backends: Unwinder support for i386, x86_64, s390, s390x, ppc and ppc64.
          aarch64 support.


Jan Kratochvil (24):
    Fix executable_for_core for non-dwfl_standard_argp
    dwfl_core_file_report: Code cleanup: Reindentation.
    dwfl_core_file_report: Fix core files for re-prelink-ed files
    dwfl_core_file_report: Fix a regression of dwfl_core_file_report
    dwfl_core_file_report: Remove the use of MAX.
    Unwinder for x86*.
    Fix dwfl_module_addrsym for minidebuginfo
    Provide __libdwfl_module_getsym to get dwfl_file *
    Fix dwfl_attach_state machine->elf
    Code cleanup: Remove const in prototype
    Update m4/ChangeLog for m4/biarch.m4 authorship.
    Compatibility with older kernels such as RHEL-6.
    link_map: Use proper bias, not l_addr
    Verify file vs. core build-id, when both available
    Fix non-build-id core files on build-id system
    Introduce process_attach_error.
    Tests for unwinder of x86*.
    Fix test FAIL with -O2
    unwinder: ppc and ppc64
    Fix forgotten call of ebl_dwarf_to_regno.
    Remove tests/backtrace-dwarf.c unused code.
    unwinder: s390 and s390x
    Add NEWS items for the new functions in 0.158.
    Use executable_for_core in dwfl_build_id_find_elf.

Josh Stone (6):
    libdw: Make sure that every debug_types sig8 is hashed
    libdwfl: Fix and test aux_sym address_sync with relocated ELF
    Add config/ar-lib to .gitignore
    libdw: Add an inlined fast path for __libdw_form_val_len
    libdw: Simplify and inline get_uleb128 and get_sleb128
    lib: Avoid the hash-lookup division if possible

Mark Wielaard (56):
    backends: ppc_abi_cfi reg1 use DW_CFA_val_offset not
    ar: Correct operation check when instance_specifed is set.
    libdwfl: Don't report and abort on non-file mappings in maps.
    libdw: Handle dwz multi files correctly in dwarf_getfuncs.
    README: Document that tools and libraries should be upgraded
    README: Fix compatbile -> compatible typo.
    tests: allfcts.c (main): Correct dwarf_getfuncs return value check.
    readelf: Solve comparison between signed and unsigned compiler
    libelf: Write all section headers if elf flags contains
      ELF_F_DIRTY. Add warning that --enable-thread-safety is
      experimental. Warn when --enable-dwz=no, but /usr/lib/debug/.dwz
    Fix some (harmless) cppcheck warnings.
    libelf: Only memcpy ehdr back when not already directly mmapped.
    stack: Add basic argp version and bug definitions.
    tests: Fix broken dwflsyms tests, extend test and add prelink
    tests: (EXTRA_DIST): Add
    Mark new dwfl functions with version ELFUTILS_0.158.
    libdwfl: Add dwfl_module_addrsym_elf and dwfl_module_getsym_elf.
    tests: automake 1.13 compatibility fix.
    tests: SKIP backtrace-data and backtrace-dwarf on unsupported
    libdw: Handle empty location expression for (indirect) DIE
    tests: Disable valgrind for core dumping and for self-introspecting
    tests: Add backtrace_child_biarch_SOURCES to make distcheck happy.
    libdwfl: Fix various frame related memory leaks.
    libdwfl: Add dwfl_module_getsymtab_first_global.
    libdwfl: linux-pid-attach.c (pid_next_thread): Use rewinddir on
      first call.
    backends: Avoid type-punning issue in
    Fix s390_initreg.c patch copy/paste error.
    libdwfl: Introduce dwfl_module_getsym_info and
    backends: aarch64 always has _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ point to
    libdwfl: Correct nested asprintf result check in
    tests: backtrace.c only check we caught the last instruction on
    libdwfl: Add dwfl_getthread_frames.
    libdwfl: Make sure to set the CFI return register only once (for
    libdwfl: linux-pid-attach.c: Report actual PID (Tgid) to
    stack: Add new '-n MAXFRAMES' option. Resolve addresses after
    stack: -b, --build-id shows module build-id, load address and pc
    stack: Simplify argument parsing. Don't use dwfl_standard_argp.
    stack: Add --quiet to not resolve addresses, add --raw to not
    stack: Improve error checking and exit code handling.
    stack: Add -l, --list-modules. Show module memory map, build-id and
    libdwfl: Fix build_id memory leak in dwfl_segment_report_module.
    libdwfl: Fix memory leak in linux-core-attach. Allow reiterating
    libdwfl: dwfl_linux_proc_find_elf should only return regular files.
    libdwfl: Add dwfl_core_file_attach and dwfl_linux_proc_attach.
    libdwfl: linux-pid-attach.c (dwfl_linux_proc_attach): Use and check
    stack: Allow -n 0 for unlimited frames. Make default 2048 frames.
    stack.c (print_frames): Print 0x before build-id hex-offset.
    stack: Show and handle -r,--raw even without USE_DEMANGLE.
    backends: Add aarch64 abi_cfi.
    Prepare 0.158 release.
    tests: Simplify backtrace-dwarf (gcc cleanup-13.c) testcase.
    tests: skip check_native_core test if core ulimit
    backends: Add PPC64 machine_flag_check.
    tests: Don't use ptrace detach stopped trick. Raise can return.
    libdwfl: Only skip reset of return register for non-CIE-return
      regno (ppc64).

Masatake YAMATO (1):
    stack: show binary and source file names where a function is

Michael Forney (2):
    Check for prefixed ar, readelf, and nm
    Fix expansion of libdw_a_LIBADD

Petr Machata (3):
    Update elf.h from glibc
    Support new 'h' core note item format for hidden fields
    Support AArch64 architecture

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
    Update Ukrainian translation

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