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Re: Preparing for elfutils 0.158

On Thu, 02 Jan 2014 10:40:38 +0100, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> After that I would like to push for a 0.158 release on Monday after
> testing it on various setups this weekend. Unless any critical
> regressions are found.

I did not expect you would release elfutils as is.  According to our very long
ppc64 discussions IIUC the API is unfinished, there is missing some new API to
report real symbol names.  I expected the new API will be still done before
the release.

No matter what the API should / should not do the currently user-visible
behavior of eu-stack command completely messes up ppc64 platform ABI.
Therefore proposing one of:
 * Delay the release by some days till we code + review the new API:
 * Disable/remove the ppc64 unwinding.
 * Make the ppc64 unwinding available only on explicit --enable-ppc64-unwind.
 (the last two options would need a 3rd party '.' dot patch in distros using
 it so I find it equivalent to the first option)
 * If you plan to release it as is I will at least notify the IBM ppc64
   authority as stated before.

Besides that /proc/PID/map_files/ are still not approved.  Without them I do
not see how to make the unwinder usable from the ABRT core dumper, currently
the only use case of the elfutils unwinder.


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