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Re: move dwarfstrings into libdw

Actually, that's not the order I had in mind.  What I think I said was
first make everything use known-dwarf without adding or changing any
library functions.  But the ordering is not the most important issue.
To start with, you can commit all the ones I've just approved, none
of which I think depend on the others.

The reason I suggested the ordering I did is that it lets you get most of
the work done before we commit to the idea of new library functions.  I'd
still like to contemplate that more, so I think it would be better to do as
I suggested, even though it's a bit more work duplicating the known-dwarf
macro use in readelf.c and so forth.  That way we can get readelf complete,
and maintainably so, independent of the decisions about new library functions.

Even though we don't encourage static linking, I don't like having many
library functions (and their big .rodata tables) all in one file.
Make it a file per function like we do for most of the library stuff.


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