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Re: Recognize .debug_macro/DW_AT_GNU_macros

On Wed, 2012-07-11 at 19:14 +0200, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Here is a patch for readelf raw .debug_macro reading.
> The output is like .debug_macinfo, but the format was different enough
> to just add a new section parsing function.

I merged and pushed this part now.

> The new .debug_macro format has headers that need to be stored.
> We could put that into the Dwarf_CU like we do for the line info.
> But the transparent_include opcode can reference .debug_macro sections
> that have their own headers (but don't necessarily have to be hooked off
> any CU). In dwarf_getmacros () we only have a ptrdiff_t to track state.
> But since there are transparent_includes (which can be nested) from which
> we would need to return I don't think we can reuse this interface. We
> could just return the "raw" transparent_include, but that doesn't do the
> user any good since there is no way to reference such a "dangling"
> (not connected to a CU) macro section. Or does anybody have a really
> smart idea to do so anyway?

Still thinking about this part. I think we will need a new high-level
interface for this.



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