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Re: [patch] Add NEWS items for the new functions in 0.158

On Tue, 2013-12-17 at 14:55 +0100, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> OK for check-in?

Yes, we should be more proactive adding things to NEWS when they get
added instead of waiting till just before the release when we might
forget. But...

> >  libdwfl: dwfl_core_file_report has new parameter executable.
> >           New function dwfl_module_getsymtab_first_global.
> > +         New functions dwfl_module_getsym_elf and dwfl_module_addrsym_elf.

I am about to replace these with dwfl_module_getsym_info and
dwfl_module_addrsym_info. Which already come with a NEWS entry. Please
don't add the old ones we won't publish now.

> > +         Added unwinder with type Dwfl_Thread_Callbacks, opaque types
> > +         Dwfl_Thread and Dwfl_Frame and functions dwfl_attach_state,
> > +         dwfl_pid, dwfl_thread_dwfl, dwfl_thread_tid, dwfl_frame_thread,
> > +         dwfl_thread_state_registers, dwfl_thread_state_register_pc,
> > +         dwfl_getthreads, dwfl_thread_getframes and dwfl_frame_pc.



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