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Re: [PATCH] stack: Add new '-n MAXFRAMES' option. Resolve addresses after unwind.

On 01/03/2014 10:23 PM, Mark Wielaard wrote:

> But I don't agree that there shouldn't be any limit in eu-stack by default.
> Generating hunderd thousands lines of output is not a good default.

My 0.02€:
Are you thinking of users typing in the terminal?  IMO if the user
asks for the backtrace, she should get it.  gdb's backtrace limit is
also unlimited by default.  Paging, a-la git, gdb, (or external), is
better to handle long output IMO, as the user can then decide to cancel
at any time (q, ctrl-c, etc.), but failing that, applying a default
limit only when stdin is a tty would still be better, IMO.  That would keep
compatibility with existing programmatic uses (scripts, etc.), which
now will possibly start getting truncated backtraces, unless they're
adjusted to use "-n" (and I assume they'll need to take care to not
use it with older elfutils that doesn't know about "-n".)

> With -n 0 users now have the choice which they prefer.

Pedro Alves

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