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Re: [PATCH] Add back end code for interpreting NT_ARM_VFP core note

> With FPREGSET_SIZE changed to 116 and VFP code in, the output is as
> follows:

Looks good.  Let's put this in as is while we figure out the fpscr issue.

> Another way to fix this is to simply remove the whole block
> special-casing singleton item.  The general code handles the case of
> nitems == 1 just fine, it looks like that block is simply an
> optimization.
> What say you?

It is not simply an optimization, it's calling handle_core_item
differently.  The 2008-08-01 log entry shows I added that special case
specifically for the case where handle_core_item gets the non-null last
argument and handles repeats itself.  I really don't recall the details
any more, but what I can surmise is that the one case that would use
this is "VMCOREINFO" notes.  Those appear in core files generated by
makedumpfile from /proc/vmcore data in the kdump stuff.  Can you try to
generate such a file that we can use to see what I was going for?  Show
how eu-readelf -n output for such a file is affected by any change you


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