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Re: [patch] Verify file vs. core build-id, when both available

On Wed, 2013-11-20 at 20:32 +0100, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> The problem is that:
>  * elfutils will find a completely different version of file with the same name
>  * the file has build-id
>  * as the file is different the computed memory address of the build-id is bogus
>  * bogus address is sure not available from the core file
>  * elfutils thinks just that the core file was dumped without first ELF page
> therefore elfutils approves the file matching as valid.

Nice explanation. Thanks.

> But as elfutils scans the memory space and finds there files by their build-id
> it can verify build-id of the found disk file vs. that in-memory file.
> This will make all the tests of the initial patch PASSing again.

>     Verify file vs. core build-id, when both available
>     libdwfl/
>     2013-11-20  Jan Kratochvil  <>
>     	* dwfl_segment_report_module.c (dwfl_segment_report_module): New
>     	variable close_elf.  Call __libdwfl_find_elf_build_id and compare the
>     	content, if possible.

Yes, looks good.



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