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Re: [PATCH] Support new 'h' core note item format for hidden fields

Mark Wielaard <> writes:

>   /* This set of items consumed a certain amount of the note's data.
>      If there is more data there, we have another unit of the same size.
>      Loop to print that out too.  */
> And it uses gelf_fsize on the item type to decide how big the consumed
> data was. Which doesn't know about any padding. Right?

Yeah, that's it.  It takes offset of the last item, adds its size to it,
and assumes that's the whole thing.  So padding in the middle is not a
concern, but at the end it is.

> 'h' is nice for hidden, but would 'p' for padding be more apt?

Frankly, I like hidden better.  You want to hide it, hide it; we don't
care whether it's padding or just uninteresting data.

>>  OK for master?
> It looks OK, but I like to get this in together with the actual code
> using it (it can still be a separate commit). Just to make sure that it
> is actually used.

Understood.  I'll move it to the base of my aarch64 tree.


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