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Re: eu- prefix by default (Was; Re: elfutils build error)

I think we need to understand how people who build the elfutils use them.

1) Distro owner make them then package it then test/deliver it.
That the one that comes as binary on my machine and I would use to
check the a.out I am producing on my machine.

2) Developper who need to inspect a.out he/she didn't produced. In my
case I am loged on a development machine, and I receive a.out I didn't
produced locally (linux kernels comming from various distro, with
kernel ranging from 2.6.1x to 4.x my dev machine seating somewhere in
the middle.

I need to build locally an elfutils, generally the latest one that is
able to read the old a.out (old dwarf, i.e dwarf 2) and I can also
read very recent a.out i.e dwarf4.

When I buid those very latest elfutils, I dont want to temper with the
binary that comes with my distro, and I don't want to type very long
name, yet this later I can use aliases so it is not a real argument.

Well I figured that with a descent environment (No '.' in PATH) and I
can build elfutils, I figured that by hacking the makefile we can
build archived so I can move my build around on other nodes if needed,
and that my binaries are located in src/ not really the place I
imagined :)

All in all now I am operational with elfutils and it is a very good tools set.


On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 11:43 PM, Jose E. Marchesi
<> wrote:
>     On Fri, 2016-02-26 at 21:11 +0100, phi gcc wrote:
>     > I didn't made a make install on purpose may I shoul but I don't want
>     > to push things built here on my system...
>     > Whant to build pure local under the tar xv dir
>     I would recommend using something like configure
>     --prefix=/usr/local/elfutils --program-prefix=eu-
>     to install under /usr/local/elfutils and have all programs start with
>     eu-... so they don't clash with any existing ones.
> And speaking of that... what about setting the program-prefix to eu- by
> default?
> Almost no one wants the elfutils to replace binutils, but to complement
> them.  But that can happen by accident very easily with the default
> program names.
> Also, we are so used to use eu-stack and the other eu-* commands that
> using stack, etc feels weird :)
> What you people think?

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