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Re: move dwarfstrings into libdw

> Aha, sorry I had missed that. I assumed you wanted to see the precise
> steps that transformed the dwarf branch dwarfstrings.c to what we want
> to have with full usage of know-dwarf macros. I am happy to collapse
> those intermediate commits again.

I don't really care about how it relates to what's on the dwarf branch.
What I want to see is incremental steps toward your goal, in order of
ascending amount of commitment to change.

> I haven't looked whether there are other places where the known-dwarf
> macros could be used. But I suspect that the main usage is precisely
> the reuse of string form functions like in readelf and the tests.
> And that is also why I did them, because when I write things using
> libdw I always end up writing something to detect whether DWARF codes
> are known and turn them into some string representation to show lists
> or generate (error) messages. I suspect there are more users like that
> out there.

It's eminently reasonable.  I'm just being extremely conservative about
adding to the API, so I want to see every aspect of cleaning things up
that doesn't add to libdw done first.

> That is consistent. It will result in 17 new tiny files though.

The more the merrier.


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