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elfutils 0.167 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

* NEWS *

libasm: Add eBPF disassembler for EM_BPF files.

backends: Add m68k and BPF backends.

ld: Removed.

dwelf: Add ELF/DWARF string table creation functions. dwelf_strtab_init,
       dwelf_strtab_add, dwelf_strtab_add_len, dwelf_strtab_finalize,
       dwelf_strent_off, dwelf_strent_str and dwelf_strtab_free.


Andreas Schwab (2):
  Add support for m68k
  Add m68k tests

David Abdurachmanov (1):
  elfcmp: fix self-comparison error with GCC 6

Filipe Brandenburger (2):
  config: Fix check for argp_parse to pass &argv
  config: Pass the compiler -Werror during warning detection

John Ogness (1):
  libelf: find 1st section instead of assuming

Jose E. Marchesi (1):
  sparc: fix the printing of hw capabilities object attributes.

Mark Wielaard (17):
  libelf: Fix memory leak when zlib deflateInit fails in elf_compress.
  libdwfl: Fix memory leak in proc_maps_report on bad file mapping.
  libdwfl: Fix memory leak in dwfl_module_getsrc_file on invalid DWARF.
  CONTRIBUTING: Extend patch, committer and maintainer guidelines.
  libelf: Allow updating phdrs for any e_type.
  unstrip: Fix off by one array access with unstripped_strent.
  Remove eu-ld and unused code.
  dwelf: Add string table functions from ebl.
  Prepare 0.167 release.
  strip: Handle compressed relocation target sections.
  libelf: Fix memory leak in elf_compress for mmapped ELF files.
  libdwfl: Fix assert and set in.d_size in dwfl_link_map_report.
  tests: Add testfilesparc64attrs.o.bz2 to EXTRA_DIST.
  Regenerate .po files.
  strip: Use ELF_CHF_FORCE to recompress any sections that were
  tests: Simplify backtrace-native tests. Drop raise jmp patching
    for x86_64.
  Regenerate .po files.

Piotr Drąg (3):
  Add --add-comments to XGETTEXT_OPTIONS in Makevars
  Updated Polish translation

Richard Henderson (3):
  Sync elf.h from glibc
  Add support for BPF
  Fix bpf disassembler for _FORTIFY_SOURCE

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