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elfutils 0.160 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

* NEWS *

Version 0.160

libdw: New functions dwarf_cu_getdwarf, dwarf_cu_die.
       dwarf.h remove non-existing DW_TAG_mutable_type.

libdwfl: Handle LZMA .ko.xz compressed kernel modules.

unstrip: New option -F, --force to combining files even if some
         ELF headers don't seem to match.

backends: Handle ARM THUMB functions.
          Add support for ppc64le ELFv2 abi.


Jan Kratochvil (1):
      Fix report_r_debug for prelinked libraries

Josh Stone (1):
      Prevent premature @AR@ replacement in a sed expression.

Kurt Roeckx (1):
      Make the attach code build again on non-Linux hosts.

Kyle McMartin (1):
      aarch64: use <sys/user.h> defined register structures

Mark Wielaard (20):
      unstrip: Add --force to force combining files when ELF headers
      don't match.
      unstrip: Allow prelinked, but non-split .bss section.
      readelf: Don't print 'for section' when rela section sh_info is
      readelf: Skip section if name is NULL in print_debug.
      libdwfl: dwfl_standard_argp should not fail when not able to
      attach Dwfl.
      libdwfl: Record dwfl_attach_state error and return it on failure.
      libdwfl: linux-core-attach.c handle possible unaligned data
      tests: add check_native_unsupported.
      tests: backtrace.c accept __libc_do_syscall as first frame
      tests/backtrace.c (frame_callback): Error on seeing more than 16
      libebl: Add ebl_func_addr_mask plus ARM backend implementation.
      dwarf.h: Remove non-existing DW_TAG_mutable_type.
      backends: aarch64_return_value_location should handle
      Update elf.h from glibc.
      Add ppc64le ELFv2 abi support to backends and elflint.
      m4: Handle cross-compile situations in biarch.m4 tests.
      libdwfl: Handle LZMA .ko.xz compressed kernel modules.
      libdw: Add new function dwarf_cu_getdwarf.
      libdw: Add new function dwarf_cu_die.
      Prepare 0.160 release.

Petr Machata (1):
      backends (*_return_value_location): call dwarf_peeled_die_type

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